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Now, the watchwords of the global market are "Food Security" and "Food Safety". It's been a long time since "food security" was called out, but how much is it really guaranteed? This is our beginning. I think there is no mistake in food safety for Japanese products, but what about raw materials and products from overseas? And are foreign products, especially Asian products, really "cheap and poor"? In order to answer and dispel these questions, I realized that it is necessary to clearly manage everything from production to consumers in-house.

All Management by only in-house All the products we offer are from raw material procurement in principle, production and sales are carried out by our own group companies. (Partial / Standards will be cleared by partner companies) Therefore, thorough quality control is possible without any intervention by others.

We have cleared safety and security, which is the most important issue in the global market.

group company 『Global Trade Venture Co., Ltd. 』

Organic products All products use organic and pesticide-reduced raw materials. It goes without saying that full organic ingredients are good, but we may also use non-organic ingredients to maintain quality and stable supply. Even in that case, we try to minimize it.

QC and QA, according to Japanese standards. QC and QA, according to Japanese standards means not only manufacturing according to Japanese hygiene standards, but also developing products that match the "taste" of the Japanese. At first glance, even if it looks like a local product from overseas, we make various improvements according to the Japanese taste and deliver it to everyone.

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